Dive Inspections

Sonar Imaging

Dominion Divers is full service provider for underwater imaging, ideal for low visibility or high flow situations where the acquisition of an image is a requirement.


The technology is excellent for outlining major structural defects pertaining to various marine assets including bridges, wharfs and water control structures.  


Dominion Divers conducts surveys with the latest technology offered by Kongberg Maritime.


Our technical dive team delivers diligent inspections with quality reporting expected by professional engineers.


- Concrete Coring

- Cathodic Protection

- Flow Monitoring

- Habitat  Survey

- HD Underwater Video

- Leak Detection

- Multibeam and Single Beam Sonar

- Marine Vessels

- Non Destructive Testing

- Pipeline Locates

- Timber Coring

- Wharfs, Marina

- Zebra Mussels


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